Currently, we are seeing an increase in common wellbeing challenges including feelings of anxiety, stress, and loss of motivation. Some of these challenges can be related to relationships, work pressure, or faith-based issues. Unfortunately, many who are struggling with these challenges may not be able to access the help they need.


Journey of Compassion was started in 2019 by Baljit Singh following his experiences of wellbeing challenges.

“Suffering from anxiety and depression I recognised the importance of conscientious and compassionate care. I was able to battle through the darkness by using tools and techniques which helped connect me to myself and the world. Now, I recognise that many are suffering and aren’t able to access the help they need. I humbly invite you to Journey of Compassion to take a step towards yourself.”

Our Vision

Compassion is at the heart of everything we do. We see a world where everyone has access to tools, techniques, and communities which can support them through life. We recognise the importance of physical, emotional, social and spiritual approaches which are unique to each individual in our world. Ultimately, we want the seed of compassion to flower throughout the lives of all.

Our Mission

To work towards our vision, Journey of Compassion focuses on developing:

  • Awareness to become conscious and comfortable with what life may hold.
  • Knowledge to take the first steps in navigating what life may hold.
  • Community to start uplifting one another through what life may hold.
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Every breath is a new life, every breath is a new opportunity.
Until there is breath, it is never too late.

Journey of Compassion