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Journey Of Compassion

Journey of Compassion – a step towards yourself

Compassion is at the heart of everything we do. We see a world where everyone has access to tools, techniques, and communities which can support them through life. We recognise the importance of physical, emotional, social and spiritual approaches which are unique to each individual in our world.

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Does this sound familiar? I’m bombarded with information and knowledge, I continue consuming in hope it will quench my inner thirst but I’m still left feeling empty. The truth is we’re all wanting to experience a deeper connection & these sessions do exactly that! They create an opportunity to slow down, contemplate & provide simple practical tools which can have a profound effect in your life.

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Book a One-to-One Session with Baljit Singh

One-to-one sessions with Baljit are founded on compassion and shared lived experiences. Through intensive contemplation of Gurbani (wisdom of Gurus), Baljit Singh has developed his intuition to try and connect with others’ experiences. By sharing different models of meditation and contemplation, Baljit is able to offer a non-judgemental, open, and ultimately compassionate approach for those from all walks of life.

You will be given the option to donate for your session upon booking, if you’re unable to donate please email us your request.

Email: bookings@journeyofcompassion.com

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